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Transitioning to a Feminist Wellbeing Economy in Malawi and beyond

A publication on Feminist Wellbeing Economy Interventions in Malawi


Feminist wellbeing economy (FWE) offers a decolonial, rights-focused paradigm that centres the wellbeing of people and the environment to redress intersecting systems of oppression based on gender, race, class, location, sexual orientation and gender identity. An FWE approach aims to repurpose macroeconomic policy towards the realisation of human rights and climate justice and adopts metrics to measure wellbeing beyond GDP that recognise and value unpaid care work. It prioritises cooperation, solidarity, trust and the collective over individualism, competition, co-option and privatisation. Young women and LGBTQIA+ people in Malawi are calling on their government to urgently adopt a feminist wellbeing approach to the economy.