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Breaking the Barriers and Tax Justice for Gender Responsive Public Services:

Consultant Terms of Reference for Endline Survey


The project is running from July 2017 to December 2021 and by the end of its implementation period, it will have measurably contributed to ensuring that: “All children, especially girls and marginalised children, have access to free, quality, publicly-funded, inclusive public education.”

All 4 countries are also working towards the following outcomes, which are structured around ActionAid’s 4S framework for education financing:

  1. Governments Take Actions to Increase the SIZE of National Budgets by Raising Fair Tax, Particularly Corporate Tax
  2. Governments take actions to increase the SHARE of funds allocated to and spent on free, quality, inclusive public education
  3. A strong, active movement of community and civil society structures effectively SCRUTINIZE education budgets and expenditure and hold the governments to account for the provision of free, quality, inclusive public education especially for girls and marginalised children
  4. Public education systems and expenditure are SENSITIVE to the rights of girls and marginalized children

In Malawi the project is being implemented in 4 districts of Ntchisi, Lilongwe, Neno and Chitipa across 18 schools.