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some of the girls benefitting from ActionAid Malawi interventions

ActionAid Malawi 2020 Annual Report

A story of resilience, hope and relief


We are proud of the achievements that ActionAid Malawi (AAM) team registered in the year 2020. Like every organisation, AAM operated in a difficult economic and political context given the Covid-19 global pandemic and political instability Malawi experienced following the disputed Presidential Election.

ActionAid Malawi took advantage of available opportunities to continue defending rights in crisis and effectively stand in solidarity with its constituents in pushing for policy change, social justice, and accountability.  The public social accountability drive was a major step in the right direction towards effective public resource management. Our engagements with Parliament and Parliamentary Committees, Government Ministries and Departments and District Councils on public resource mobilization, allocation and utilization provided the foundation for effective gender responsive public services delivery.