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AAM joins push for GBV free work place

Young women mobilised by AAM carrying a placard during the labour day commemoration in Blantyre.

mobilises surviors of GBV in the work places to voice out their concerns during Labour Day Commemoration

ActionAid Malawi (AAM) yesterday on 1ST May, 2019, joined the Malawi Government and rest of the world in commemorating World Labour Day with a call to end gender-based violence (GBV) in the world of work. AAM, alongside its #Ndiulula (I won’t be silent) Campaign partners such as Malawi Congress of Trade Union and Activista Malawi supported mobilization of young urban workers including survivors of GBV and young politicians to amplify their voices on work-related violence.

AAM and partners’ efforts are poised to add weight towards global unions’ push for the adoption, ratification and implementation of an ILO Convention and Recommendation on GBV in the World of Work.

ActionAid Federation, to which AAM is affiliated, is part of the Joint Global Campaign on Women’s Labour, Decent Work and Public Services. The campaign’s name is “Stop Violence and Harassment in the World of Work -  Support an ILO Convention and Recommendation”

The campaign, among others, seeks to speak to violence targeted at specific groups of women - workers at risk, such as those not adequately covered by labour laws and social protections, sex workers, domestic workers, other informal sector workers, public and emergency workers, as well as those targeted on the basis of their migrant status, age, race, caste, sexual orientation or gender identity.

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